Understanding your needs and providing solutions is how PLS has built strong business relationships. We have a proven ability to bridge the existing gap between the complex needs of safety minded craft professionals and your business. We understand our success depends on your ability to win and execute work without interruption due to safety, quality and productivity. Our investment in our professionals minimizes these risks, removes your exposure and positively impacts your business.

Productivity is the end result of the safety, reliability and quality performance in a craft professional. That’s why we invest up-front to provide those attributes and the flexibility to maximize all levels of production.

Safety and Productivity:

A safe craft professional is a more productive craft professional.

A safe craft professional has the training and the tools to WORK SAFE. Providing training after work begins or encouraging participation fails to reduce risk. Our standard requires extensive safety and trade specific training before they start work. Furthermore, our team is provided the personal protective equipment required for safe quality work. We invest in the protection of our professionals and our partners to preserve the relationship between safety and productivity.

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Quality and Productivity:

Construction is a labor intensive process and productivity heavily relies on craft professional performance. We screen, assess and train our team to determine their ability to suit your needs. PLS utilizes NCCER assessment testing, aptitude exams and the Associated Builders and Contractors DOL approved apprenticeship programs to develop and deliver quality craft professionals.

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Reliability and Productivity:

A strict hiring process, 100% background checks, 100% pre-employment drug screening, highly competitive wages, vacation and healthcare are the fundamental ways we attract reliable candidates. Our investment in their safety and career development advances the team attitude and relationship to develop a dependable workforce.

Our Professionals understand our commitment to their safety, family, quality and integrity. Our values are reflected in the way we operate. This up-front investment is how we attract, train and retain safety minded craft professionals that deliver unparalleled reliability and productivity to your project.