platinum stepPLS is honored to receive a Platinum STEP award from the Associated Builders and Contractors. An average of nearly 3 construction workers are fatally injured every day in our industry. We all have the opportunity to make a change. Safety is not an obstacle that obstructs our daily tasks. It is the only thing that ensures we make it home each day to our loved ones. We all have a choice. We can choose to WORK, or we can choose to WORK SAFE. We are humbled to be recognized for our commitment. Thank you to all our Professionals and Partners for your support.

What is the Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP)?

The Top Ten Most Frequently Cited Hazards

OSHA Fatality Statistics

At PLS we prepare our entire organization for Safety. Each member of our team, Executive Management to our Professionals in the field, are required to complete a wide range of Safety Training courses. Our culture demands constant communication, training and participation for the Health and Welfare of our Professionals, our Partners and our Industry.

The PLS Standard:

All Members of the team complete the following before they are qualified to begin work:

  • OSHA 10
  • Ladder Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Job Safety Analysis “JSA”
  • Global Harmonized System “GHS”

Trade Specific and Other Options Offered per Customer Request

  • OSHA 30
  • Arc Flash
  • Basic Rigging
  • Advanced Rigging
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Lift Certifications (Boom, Aerial, Scissor etc.)

PLS Preparation:

Lost time on tools is not limited to the actual tools themselves. Not having the right equipment to do the job safely can hinder production. We prepare our team with not only training but the tools they need to do your job safely.

Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Gloves, Harness/Lanyards, Ear Protection, Hi-Visibility, Face Shields

Safety initiative

Safety Audits – Our Account Managers, Safety Managers and Executive Management teams routinely perform safety audits at your projects. We share this information with our team and yours to promote safe working conditions and address trends that can impact accident prevention.

Safety Messages – We believe Constant Communication changes behaviors and prevents accidents. PLS is committed to daily, weekly and monthly communications to our teams in the office and the field. Our messages are designed to address trends, increase awareness and prevent accidents from occurring.

Safety is the responsibility of our organization, our partners and our industry and we expect everyone to accept the challenge, participate in the culture and exercise continued development of our company wide commitment to WORK SAFE.